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พฤหัสบดี, 12 กันยายน 2019

By NewsDesk  @infectiousdiseasenews 

The City of Lubbock reported Monday of a bat that tested positive for rabies. This is the third reported rabies case and second bat in Lubbock this year.

Rabies is a deadly virus spread to people from the saliva of infected animals. In the US, those animals include bats, coyotes, foxes, raccoons, and skunks. Cases in domestic dogs and cats are fewer in number due to vaccination programs, but can still occur.

An animal with rabies can infect other wild or domestic animals that have not been vaccinated against rabies.

The City of Lubbock reminds people that domestic animals should be vaccinated against rabies as required by law.

In people, the illness can be prevented with treatment before symptoms begin. However, once a person has symptoms, the disease is almost always fatal. Anyone who comes in contact with a potentially rabid animal should seek medical attention as soon as possible.

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