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อังคาร, 18 กันยายน 2018
Zimbabwe has launched a crowdfunding campaign to deal with an outbreak of cholera that has so far killed 25 people, mostly in the capital, Harare. New Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube sent an appeal on Twitter, sharing a mobile payment account number. An emergency has been declared and public gatherings banned in Harare to prevent the spread of infection. Some Zimbabweans have criticised the fundraising plan on Twitter, accusing the state of misusing public money.More In 2008, a cholera outbreak killed some 4,000 people and at least 100,000 people fell ill. This was a key factor in persuading President Robert Mugabe to agree a power-sharing government with the opposition, as the government did not have the money to deal with the outbreak. Africa Live: More on this and others on the continent Zimbabwe's 'enemy of the people' returns home Hustling for cash in Zimbabwe 10 numbers that tell the story of Zimbabwe The current outbreak began on 6 September after water wells were contaminated with sewage in Harare. Tests found the presence of cholera and typhoid-causing bacteria which has so far infected over 3,000 people, Health Minister Obadiah Moyo told reporters on Thursday. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), patients were not responding to first-line antibiotics. "Relevant medicines should be purchased as a matter of urgency as soon as resistance patterns have been ascertained," it said. WHO also said the disease has spread to five of the country's 10 provinces. 'Inauguration' postponed The health emergency has forced the opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) to postpone this weekend's mock inauguration of its leader, Nelson Chamisa, as president.Mr Chamisa has refused to back down from his claim that he won the 30 July election, even after the Constitutional Court dismissed his legal challenge against President Emmerson Mnangagwa's victory. The police had earlier withdrawn their permission for it go ahead, citing the ban on public gatherings imposed because of the cholera outbreak. His party now says the swearing in will be held at a "later date". Guaranteed healthcare pledge The cholera outbreak can be traced to Harare city council's struggle to supply water to some suburbs for more than a decade, forcing residents to rely on water from open wells and community boreholes, according to Reuters news agency. Health officials are advising people to wash their hands regularly, drink only safe water, wash food, cook it thoroughly and avoid shaking hands. The government-controlled Herald reports that the crowdfunding campaign has already received some backers. They include telecommunication giant Econet Wireless, which has contributed $10m (£7m) and the Zimbabwe Red Cross Society $250,000 (£190,000). More
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