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เสาร์, 25 พฤษภาคม 2013

ABC NEWS:Updated Thu May 23, 2013 3:10pm AEST

Biosecurity Queensland says the rest of the country is likely to adopt whatever protocol Queensland devises to manage Australian bat lyssavirus outbreaks in horses.

It's believed two horses on a property near Allora in Southern Queensland contracted the bat-borne virus and had to be put down earlier this month.

 Very small bats, known as microbats, have since been found on the property and testing has confirmed the virus in an infected horse was most likely found in a species of microbat, not flying foxes.


Queensland's chief biosecurity officer Jim Thompson says because this is believed to be the first time lyssavirus has been found in horses, interstate authorities will pay close attention to Queensland's response.

"Whatever protocols we put in place will be national protocols and will only be changed as further information comes to light. This is very similar to how we've worked with Hendra over the years. We almost developed the Hendra virus rules and regulations for the country because we've had most of the cases."

Chief veterinarians from across Australia have had a meeting to discuss how to manage the outbreak.

As a result, the property will remain under quarantine and vets will continue to work to determine exactly what type of virus this is and if other animals on the property need to be vaccinated.

"Once we've taken those sorts of actions we may well be in a position to lift the quarantine, even if the high risk horse remains isolated for a longer period of time for observation."

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