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Bat bite sparks health warning
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From The Singleton Argus 20/03/2009 12:18:00 PM 

A MUSWELLBROOK woman is being treated for Bat Lyssavirus after she was attacked by a bat in the courtyard of her Brooke Street home last week.
Maureen Jones will undergo five injections over a 28 day period, the standard treatment for a patient who has been scratched or bitten by a bat.



CASUALTY: Maureen Jones and the date palm that attracted bats to the yard of her home. She is now undergoing medical treatment after she was scratched and bitten by two bats last week.



All the time she has been thinking of her friends in Singleton who are more likely to come into contact with the flying foxes that could carry the disease.

Mrs Jones said it was around midnight on March 11 when she heard the bark of a dog she was caring for.

When she went to check why JD the Chihuahua was making such a fuss, she was shocked to see him barking and jumping at a bat on the ground.

“I was worried something would happen to JD and was screaming at him to get away from it,” she said.

Mrs Jones then turned and went to head back up the steps of her patio when she felt another bat land on her head.

Amid her screams and frantic attempts to get the bat out of her hair, the original bat that had been wrestling with the dog, managed to fly onto her back.

Mrs Jones said it seemed like five minutes before she could get the bats off her body.

She ran inside and phoned a friend and sought medical attention for the scratches she had received.

“I had a big scratch where a claw ripped open my skin on my arm and a puncture mark on my head where one of the bats bit me.”

She is angry for what she has been through but is now on a campaign to make sure people know of the health risks associated with flying foxes.

“I think people need to know that they can carry this deadly virus and if they are bitten or scratched by a bat, they should head straight to their doctor,” Mrs Jones said.

She has since had the fruit removed from the 30 foot date palm that was the catalyst for her bat visits and certainly doesn’t intend venturing outdoors at midnight again.

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