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, 31 Ҥ 2009

A boy 12 years of age died this morning [25 Dec 2008] in Brasilia,
confirming the suspicion of rabies.
The boy had cardio-respiratory
arrest and did not respond to attempts at resuscitation. The child
lived in Sao Domingo, in northern Goias, where he had contracted the
disease, and was taken to the Hospital de Base in Brasilia for
medical treatment.

The boy played with a bat when he was bitten in the foot. He was
hospitalized a month ago and [treatment of his case] was advised by a
doctor of the United States via videoconference.
The boy's
[treatment] was carried out according to a method developed recently
using antivirals and inducing a coma in the patient.

The Secretary of Health Surveillance, Disney Antezana, reminds [the
public] that rabies can be contracted in both urban as well as rural


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[This case appears to be the same one reported in ProMED archive no.
20081224.4057, although the reported ages of the patient vary (9
years previously versus 12 years in this report). The previous
report indicated that the child was put into a medically-induced
coma, with treatment according to the Wisconsin protocol.
Unfortunately, the child did not survive after 3 weeks of
hospitalization. When admitted to hospital, his condition was
serious, and there is no indication of how many days had elapsed from
the time of 1st exposure to the development of symptoms and

A map of Brazil showing the location of Goias state and the Federal
district can be accessed at
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